Little Freddie King, born in 1940 in McComb, Mississippi, is an American Delta Blues guitarist, and incredibly, is a mentor and friend to Molly’s son, Wade Hilts, who met him 10 days after Wade moved to New Orleans in 2011, to attend college.

The night that Freddie met Wade, he invited him to perform with him the following week at the Apple Barrel Bar on Frenchman Street. It happened to be Wade's birthday and Molly, Dave and their younger son, Dane were fortunate enough to be in New Orleans and saw this first performance. Wade continues to jam with Little Freddie and performs with other New Orleans seasoned bluesmen, such as Guitar Lightnin’ Lee and Alabama Slim.

Through Wade’s experiences, Molly came to know Freddie and in 2013, she approached him about painting his portrait. Freddie’s portrait, "Gutbucket Blues", is the image Little Freddie used for the cover of his new CD, which will be released in December 2014.

Little Freddie and his band came to Portland in September 2014 and played a house concert at Molly and Dave’s Double Nickel Studios where Wade joined in.

Here is a video of the band performing, Boogie Chillin' in France, spring 2014. Little Freddie was the subject of The Gutbucket King by award winning journalist, Barry Yeoman for "The New South".

Little Freddie King from Molly's photo shoot, March 2013, New Orleans