Molly met Kurt Andersen and Anne Kreamer through mutual friends in New York in 2007. Kurt is a writer and is the host of the public radio program, "Studio 360".  Anne is a journalist and author with a focus on business, work/life balance, culture, and women's issues. Both Anne and Kurt are observers of popular culture, which my portrait references as they face the viewer, from their position in front of the boiler, observing life from the underbelly.

In 2008, Molly hosted a literary salon in Portland for Kurt, where he read from his bestselling historical novel, HeyDay. Kurt returned to Portland in 2009 where he was a guest on Portland’s LiveWire! radio theatre show. At that time, Kurt and Molly had a conversation around an idea that she had been pondering for several years: of creating a cultural sister city relationship between Manhattan and Portland. Kurt immediately responded with “Forget Manhattan – what about Brooklyn?”

Kurt and Molly went on to found the Portland Brooklyn Project, which celebrates the creative kinship and shared cultural  DNA between Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY.

In 2011 Molly hosted a salon for both Kurt and Anne, where Anne read from her acclaimed, book, "It’s Always Personal" and Kurt read from his 2009 book-length essay, “Reset” as well as from "Spark: How Creativity Works" by Julie Burstein (forward by Kurt), Studio 360's first book. It was an interesting discussion around living a creative life, where they interviewed one another and then took questions of the audience.

It was during this time, that Molly 
photographed Kurt and Anne for their portrait, which she eventually completed in 2013.

Kurt Andersen and Anne Kreamer with Molly at her 2008 opening of her exhibition, "Intersection" at the Allen Sheppard Gallery, NYC, NY