In 2011, Jane Jones, Molly’s friend of 30+ years who is a stage and film actress, and artistic 
director/co-founder of Book-It Repertory Theatre in Seattle, introduced Molly to Tom Robbins. Book-It Theatre’s mission is to inspire its audiences to read, and it adheres to a specific style called "Book-It Style," which preserves the author's exact words in the script rather than changing them for stage. In 2007, Book-It Theatre adapted Tom Robbins’ classic, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, and Tom and Jane became good friends.

Jane suggested to Molly that she paint Tom’s portrait and made the introduction.  On a sunny fall day in 2011, Molly made the trip up to the waterfront town of La Conner, Washington and spent the afternoon with Tom and his wife, Alexa at their home, dubbed Villa de Jungle Girl, where Molly photographed her new subject.

At one point during the photo-shoot Molly found herself on the living room floor experimenting with different camera angles. Tom and Alexa were on the couch and Tom was in the middle of an animated story of how he and Alexa first met, when Molly realized that her ankle bracelet had become hitched to the looped carpet, and she could not move her right foot, let alone get up from the floor. Determined to remain composed, she looked up at the walls covered with huge colorful circus sideshow tent paintings. As she lay tethered to the floor of Tom Robbins' living room, Molly stared back at the creatures adorning the circus tent paintings: a lion, a snake, and a wild boar, along with a shapely bikini-clad lion tamer on one wall and a large boa constrictor and buxom snake charmer on the other. Molly managed to become untethered, but with the images intact, and the inspiration for the portrait Kitty Is Here, was born.

The painting process took about a year through it all Tom and Molly became pen-pals and she looks forward to the bright pink envelopes that arrive from Villa De Jungle Girl, La Conner, WA. In 2014, Molly hosted an intimate literary salon for Tom where he read from his memoir, Tibetan Peach Pie

Tom Robbins sits under the 5' x 5' aluminum print of his portrait, on the veranda of Double Nickel Studios, during a break from his literary salon.