In July 2006, Molly's work was part of an exhibit at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon that exemplifies her values.

Molly brought together Portland artist, Sarah Wolf Newlands and two New York artists, Sheila Berger and Robert Chambers, and the 4 artists collaborated on an exhibition and salon, in hopes of deepening the connection between the two communities. The opening featured musical performances and readings by musicians and writers from NYC and Portland. The exhibition exhibition essay was written by NYC-based novelist Michael Rips, who spoke at the opening.  NW poet Scott Poole read from his poetry, inspired by the exhibition.

A few years later, Molly completed her first portrait, Hideaway, the prototype in her author portrait collection, of Michael Rips sitting beside his wife, artist Sheila Berger. The two are sitting against a mid-century poolside setting in Palm Springs, Molly's interpretation of their imaginary alter-ego life contrasted to their real lives as long–term residents of the Chelsea Hotel in New York.

Top, clockwise from left, Michael Rips does a reading from his first book, "Pasquale's Nose: Idle Days in an Italian Town"; exhibition signage; visual artists Sarah Wolf Newlands, Molly Cliff Hilts and Sheila Berger with poet Scott Poole at the "between texture & light" exhibition opening, Autzen Gallery, Portland State University, June 2006

Above left, "Hideaway" portrait of Sheila Berger and Michael Rips, 48" x 78" diptych, 2010