Molly has collaborated with a metals artisan who she grew up with, and her imagery is inked on a hand-etched aluminum plate which has been surface applied with tooling. The etched aluminum has a translucent three dimensional quality that recalls the ethereal and luminous properties of wax, enhanced by the gloss of the clear polyurethane finish.

The raw 1/8" aluminum plates are grained with patterns to receive different mediums of color, pigments, and digital technology. All of the patterns are hand-surface-applied using special tooling designed by the artisan or designed with one of his craftsmen, to achieve different unique effects.

The lightweight aluminum plates can get up to 4’-11” x 10’ without a seam. The plates are made of 80% post-industrial recycled aluminum (and contribute to LEED 2.0 MR Credit 4 - recycled content).

The Inks are rated for exterior with an exterior warranty up to five years with full 100% UV protection against fading. The sanded edges are rounded and the plate floats 2” from the wall.

The clear polyurethane coating allows Molly the opportunity to hang her work in an exterior location, or in a high traffic area like an airport.

Emerald City, ink on aluminum plate, 46" x 46", Teardrop Lounge, Portland, OR